What Matters Most to You?

Custom Design Your Perfect Conference! IDA is excited to once again include this attendee-driven agenda at the Annual Conference & Tradeshow. Open Space sessions empower attendees to custom design discussions organized in a facilitated environment. These conversations are your chance to talk with the greatest minds in urban place management about the topics that matter most to you and your peers. Step in, take charge of the challenges, lend your resources and give your energy to what matters most to you and your organization. Come prepared to let your voice be heard, and leave inspired to truly make a difference in your city!


What is Open Space?

Open Space delivers intimate and transformational conversations that matter, and will provide a space for passions, interests and concerns that need to emerge. You will be able to directly contribute and learn – everyone’s voice is heard during Open Space. Large and small group dialogues come together in one, cohesive session. Instead of having discussions that merely skim the surface, be prepared to dive deep into topics and issues that are important to you and other industry professionals. Open Space is not about the process; it’s about the conversation. It is an engaging and interactive opportunity for unplanned brainstorming in a loosely structured, inclusive environment.