Our Co-Hosts


Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. is the friendly and hardworking host that improves the perception of downtown by providing a welcoming environment, keeping things clean and safe, and advocating for continuous and positive change. Established in 1989 by the City of Winnipeg, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, the oldest of Winnipeg’s 16 business improvement zones, markets the city centre on behalf of 1,300 businesses and runs programs and provides services that target downtown image, cleanliness, safety, transportation, and parking. They also host events and promote downtown as a great place to work, shop, and live. In addition, the BIZ is the voice of the downtown business community and advocates for continued downtown revitalization and enhanced services on behalf of our members. They work with all levels of government to better the downtown. Every retail, commercial and professional business in the zone is a BIZ member.

West End Biz is a non-profit association of business people committed to building a stronger West End community by supporting the businesses and organizations within the confines of our geographic boundaries. There are currently more than 1,000 businesses located within the 200 city blocks that comprise the BIZ area. It is home to a huge assortment of unique shops and services, as well as world class entertainment, recreational and educational facilities. There are the gems of the West End and many are Winnipeg icons which draw many visitors. The West End holds a unique place in Winnipeg’s dining scene with a strong reputation for an incredible variety of internationally inspired cuisine.

The Exchange District, a National Historic Site, features North America’s largest and best preserved collection of heritage buildings which include beautiful and massive stone and brick warehouses, elegant terracotta-clad buildings, narrow angled streets and cobblestone paths. The architecture provides a stunning backdrop for local restaurants, boutique shops, art galleries, museums and attractions. This area is quickly becoming the place to be for residents looking for riverfront property and tourists looking for boutique hotel accommodations. Established in 1989, The Exchange District BIZ, encompasses East and West of Main Street from Waterfront Drive to Adelaide Street and North and South from Galt Avenue to iconic Portage and Main. It the third largest operating BIZ in the city,